The amplitude and intensity of ultrasound waves decrease as they travel through tissue, a phenomenon known as attenuation. Given a fixed propagation distance, attenuation affects high frequency ultrasound waves to a greater degree than lower freq


attenuation [ah-ten″u-a´shun] 1. the act of thinning or weakening. 2. the change in the virulence of a pathogenic microorganism induced by passage through another host species, decreasing its virulence for the native host and increasing it for the new host. This is the basis for the development of live vaccines. 3. the change in a beam of radiation

Title: Virus Attenuation by Genome-Wide Alterations of Genomic Signatures. The method is evaluated with variable but well-defined phantoms. The result is accurate attenuation coefficients for different densities, dimensions and  Water Transparency (Diffuse attenuation coefficient at 490nm, Kd490 in m^-1 at 4km resolution): The diffuse attenuation coefficient Kd490 measures the light  Kveik is a Norwegian word meaning yeast. are achieved within the optimal temperature range with full attenuation typically achieved within 2-3 days.

Attenuation meaning

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HMO penetration still leads PPO, NMO, and FMO as usual, but attenuation is growing  Due to attenuation - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Swedish Translator. Attenuated - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples. English - Swedish Translator. indoors' means inside buildings or places in which the shielding will typically provide the necessary attenuation to protect radiocommunication services against  Distance Attenuation Calculator are physic/math calculator to find sound level in dB decreases with distance from the sound source fast and  A Frequency (Hz). 63. 125.

Attenuation is a telecommunications term that refers to a reduction in signal strength commonly occurring while transmitting analog or digital signals over long 

Etymology: [L. attenuatio: cf.

Attenuation meaning

Meaning and definitions of attenuation, translation in Punjabi language for attenuation with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of 

Attenuation meaning

Legal Definition of attenuation : a lessening of the amount, force, or magnitude of something specifically : a weakening of the connection between an illegal police procedure and the evidence obtained by it such that the evidence is admissible at trial as an exception to the exclusionary rule attenuation definition: 1. the process of making something less or weaker: 2. the process or fact of making something…. Learn more. attenuation. A generic term for a reduction or diminution of activity, intensity, power or virulence of a reaction or effect, or an organism’s ability to grow and/or multiply.

Attenuation meaning

Nthe act of attenuating or the state of being attenuated. Attenuation is usually measured in decibels and is sometimes desirable, as when signal strength is reduced electronically, for example, by a radio volume  29 Feb 2016 For example, does "there is an area of increased attenuation seen in the right parietal lobe" mean the same thing as "there is an area of increased  Définition. L'atténuation d'un signal est la diminution de l'amplitude du signal au cours de la transmission de celui-ci. C'est la perte d'énergie au cours de la  L'atténuation d'une bière caractérise la diminution de la quantité de sucre pendant la fermentation. Pour une même quantité de sucre initiale, une haute 10 Jun 1997 A decrease in the level of a signal is referred to as attenuation. In some cases this is unintentional, as in the attenuation caused by using wire  Attenuated in the largest biology dictionary online.
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Attenuation meaning

0 percent attenuation means you lost your appetite after ordering. a part of the filter theory of attention, which proposes that unattended messages are attenuated (i.e., processed weakly) but not entirely blocked from further processing and entry into memory. Attenuation Doctrine Law and Legal Definition In criminal proceedings, the attenuation rule provides that despite the illegality in obtaining evidence, such evidence may be admissible if the connection between the evidence and the illegal method is sufficiently remote or attenuated. Answer: by Benjamin Y. Cheong, MD “Attenuation artifact” observed in a nuclear stress test is due to the reduction in the intensity / strength of signal when it travels through various body tissues of different densities, such as breast tissues, chest wall, and organs under the diaphragm.

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Swedish - English dictionary Analysis of acoustic attenuation spectra due to ion transport processes in glassy electrolytesAn acoustic attenuation spectroscopy 

sweden  Analysis of periodicity-induced attenuation effect in a nonlinear waveguide by means of the method of polynomial system resultants. A Hvatov, S Sorokin. Renesas / IDT F225x are low insertion loss Voltage Variable RF Attenuator (VVA) voltage control slope vs attenuation and multi-directional operation meaning  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "signal attenuation" Are Articles 3, 5(2), 6 and 7 of Directive 2003/10/EC (1) to be interpreted as meaning that a  affect the attenuation.

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Definition of Attenuation of Anatomy. When you’re taking a class in anatomy, medical terminology or radiological imaging, you are sure to come across the term “attenuation.” Although older versions of anatomy or radiology books may indicate that the term simply means contrast, the actual definition used today goes far

Decrease in intensity of a signal, beam, or wave as a result of absorption of energy and of scattering out of the 2.

10 Jun 1997 A decrease in the level of a signal is referred to as attenuation. In some cases this is unintentional, as in the attenuation caused by using wire 

the act of thinning or weakening. 2.